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Home page EVO coordinates Direct link or (Community: Universe, Password: LHC). Phone and Skype and (Phone Bridge ID: 12 3491, Password: 7818). Required background Attendees are expected to have followed a basic course on particle physics and/or to be familiar with the following topics: Basic concepts Elementary constituents of matter and interactions. Quantum numbers and conservation rules. Spin and symmetry groups. Relativistic kinematics. Cross-section. Natural units. Mass and lifetime. Resonances. Structure of matter Elastic scattering and form factors. Inelastic scattering experiments. Nucleon structure functions. Scale invariance. Quark model. Parton distribution functions. Introduction to QCD. Fundamental interactions Introduction to QED. Fermi interaction. Parity violation. Currents V-A and weak doblets. W and Z bosons. Cabibbo angle. Neutral currents. Electroweak interaction. Gauge symmetries. The Higgs mechanism. Weinberg-Salam model. CP violation. Students are recommended to refresh their knowledge in particle physics prior to the Course. Suggested bibliography: F. Halzen and A.D.Martin, ' Quarks and Leptons ', John Wiley and Sons (1984) D. Griffiths, ' Introduction to Elementary Particles ', John Wiley and Sons (1987) B.R.Martin, G. Shaw, ' Particle Physics ', John Wiley and Sons (1999) Registration The registration for the Course is open until 27th January. Due to space conditions the number of registrations will be limited. Applications should include a short CV specifying academic degrees, list of attended courses and marks. Registration should be done on the web address www.idpasc.lip.pt/LIP/events/2012_lhc_physics Certificate A certificate will be delivered after the Course upon regular attendance and successful final examination. The content of the Course may be updated as a result of possible discoveries at LHC during the Course duration. Short link to this page.
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