The 7th IDPASC School is held at the Asiago Astronomical Observatory.

More information aboute the Asiago Astronomical Observatory is available at



  • Asiago is a touristic village dominating a cosy plateau (altopiano) with several nice villages, walkabouts, hiking paths (and sky track for the winter)
  • Famous also for the Asiago cheese
  • Reachable by public transportation. Possible airports are Venice, Treviso (Ryanair), Verona
  • A bus will be organised on Monday evening from Padova



  • Asiago hosts two observatories:
    • Pennar -> that belongs to the Department of Physics and Astronomy
    • Ekar (belongs to INAF)
  • Two optical telescopes
  • Guest house
    • 27 single or double-room with toilet and shared kitchen
    • Museum of astronomical instruments
    • Lecture rooms


Optical Telescopes

  • Galileo telescope – 122cm equipped with spectrograph
  • Used for outreach purposes as well as for scientific research (e.g. association of HE gamma-ray sources)