With the support of:

Universidade do Minho


3rd IDPASC Students Workshop

Braga, 26-27 May  -  Braga - Portugal


3rd IDPASC Students Workshop
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The 3rd IDPASC Students Workshop will be held from 26th to 27th May 2017 in Braga, Portugal

The fee of the workshop includes the coffee breaks, lunches, hotel accommodation(students will be accommodated in double rooms) and the school dinner. The fee is fixed at 70€ NO Hotel or 160€ WITH Hotel.

A limited amount of grants covering part of the fee will be available for IDPASC students. To apply to such a grant please send an application to natalia@lip.pt with a short CV. The grant will not cover travel expenses.

The fee is waived for IDPASC Students with a grant from the programme (accomodation, meals and workshop dinner will be covered).

All the lectures will be held in University of Minho.